In a world of mass communication, engaging content will always be king

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There are so many reasons to pay attention to the written word, but perhaps the most important is the fact that the written word isn’t going away anytime soon. Great quotes will always be great quotes, and will always stand the test of time. Even in this multi-channel, multi-platform, multi-opinion world in which we now live, saying the right things at the right time can empower, inspire and educate.

The highly influential philosopher and author Edward de Bono famously said ‘creative thinking is not a mystical talent, it’s a skill that can be practised and nurtured’. This quote highlights once again the importance of content in the internet age. It’s completely true that de Bono foresaw the reasons why content will always be king. It’s completely untrue, however, that his son is the lead singer with U2.

In the business world, your company could be offering the finest services and the very best products, but if you’re not selling yourselves properly there will always be consumers who aren’t even aware of your existence. Therefore, accurate content that engages with the audience is a must. This applies to everything from the direct (product descriptions, customer testimonials, etc.) to the abstract (blog posts, media reports, etc.).

More than one way to crack an egg

As the type of B2B PR agency West Sussex needs, we at Rose Media Group know all too well about the importance of content. We work hand in hand with our clients to help them get the word out about their products and services, of course, but we also place great importance on communicating their ethics and principles, in order to let their customers know they’re dealing with a unique and much-valued company. It’s vital, even in the most high-tech industry sectors, to know that consumers are always engaging with people, as well as products.

A good example is the field of electric vehicles and EV components, an industry sector that’s at the most cutting of cutting edges at the moment. Without a human face, companies working in this field can seem almost anonymous, lacking a personality and maybe even lacking a mission statement. We work with clients in this area, and we’re always keen to point out the importance of humanising their image, and top of the range content is critical in achieving this.

Building relationships between Rose Media Group and our clients is important to us, as is the process of building relationships between our clients and their customers. Adding a smattering of personality, a spoonful of individuality and a huge dollop of interesting, engaging content is what it’s all about. It’s what we do. It’s what our founder Aneela Rose has always emphasised and encouraged. We’d like to say that we give our clients the edge, but of course U2 already have that.

David Showell

David Showell

David Showell is Chief Copywriter for Rose Media Group, creating content for clients across a range of industry sectors.

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