Leisure and Retail PR Agency in Sussex

The Leisure sector is worth around £120 billion making it a significant part of the UK consumer sector which is valued at c.£620 billion with Retail being the largest component. The average UK family commits 22% of its weekly budget to leisure spending.

Source: KPMG 2021.

The leisure sector has evolved over the last 10 to 15 years due to changes in consumer preferences and spending habits. However, the consistent level of consumer spending over the years has provided a foundation for the sector to grow at around 2-3% per annum.

In such a highly competitive sector, leisure businesses are using savvy agencies such as Rose Media Group to create and implement PR campaigns across multiple channels to really push their facility.

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Rose Media Group will promote your tourist destination, venue or attraction to build awareness in all national and local media focusing on driving more visitors, physically and online too.

We work with all sizes of businesses spanning shops, restaurants, safari parks, hotels and tourist venues. We organise press trips, reviews, interviews, competitions, photo shoots, launches, openings, awareness days, celebrity appearances and so much more!

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