Rose Media Group MD Aneela and her 10 year old son, have created a giant abstract rainbow in their garden, made out of an incredible 1035 toy cars. Topped by a silver lined heart and white lettering, it’s a heartfelt and creative thank you to our NHS.

The family decided to clear out old toys and games during lockdown and the discovery of so many Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars collected over the years cars gave them the idea to be imaginative and busy over the Easter weekend.

The Rose family are thrilled with their rainbow; “It’s our way of recognising the incredible dedication of our amazing NHS, to whom we are so thankful and proud of. We loved creating this rainbow over two days, the whole family got involved. We knew there were lots collected over the years but we thought it was a few hundred not over a thousand, and this isn’t all of them!

“We loved spending hours together in the sunshine, being creative whilst showing our heartfelt appreciation and love for our NHS.”