A good PR agency is like a trifle…honest!


They say great food can be like great art, especially if you’re fortunate enough to either be or (better still) to know an excellent cook. There are some works of art that actually feature mouth-watering foodie temptations, too, such as Van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters and Andy Warhol’s less-alluring Campbell’s Soup Cans. My own creation, Still Life Featuring Monster Munch and Dairylea Triangles, has yet to attract a buyer but I remain hopeful.

The point of that somewhat rambling opening paragraph is that things are always in the eye of the beholder, and here at Rose Media Group it has become all too apparent that a great B2B PR agency such as ours can easily be likened to a trifle. Yes, a trifle, that delicious concoction of various tooth-rotting ingredients that has won such a special place in our hearts over the years. Trifles were first mentioned back in the 16th century in an intriguing book called The Good Huswife’s Jewell, should you feel the need for a mildly interesting but ultimately useless piece of information.

The heart and soul of RMG is undoubtedly Aneela Rose, our founder, our leader and our driver. Aneela, energetic, inspirational and possessing a strange obsession with the colour pink, would surely be the jelly in our trifle. Pink jelly, of course. It’s the ingredient that forms the base and, to put it simply, holds us all together. Rose Media Group has always had a firm foundation, one that’s stood the test of time for many years, and she’s the reason why.

Hard work and dedication bring us our just desserts

On top of the jelly lies the marketing department, also known as the custard, bringing the sweetest of sweetness to every spoonful. It maintains a link with the other layers, just as our marketers do, liaising perfectly between the wishes of the client and the aspirations of the agency. They won’t thank me for calling them custard, of course, but being a content creator doesn’t always win you friends.

The top layer features thick, sweet cream and, perhaps most delicious of all, a generous spread of hundreds and thousands. Also known as sprinkles, nonpareils or muisjes, together with the cream they represent our Sussex PR specialists. The sprinkles are perhaps indicative of our social media posts, our way of calling out to the world through the ether. I could be reaching with this analogy at the moment, but it’s my article so I guess I can say what I want…within reason.

And you’re doubtless wondering where I fit in all this? Well the content creation is of course crucial to the success of any agency, and it offers a perfect opportunity to showcase everything that the company has to say, whether it’s about bird-scaring equipment, high end ventilation systems, electric vehicles or fairly tenuous links to traditional dessert dishes. Therefore, I am obviously the cherry on the top.

Believe that and you’ll believe anything.

David Showell

David Showell

David Showell is Chief Copywriter for Rose Media Group, creating content for clients across a range of industry sectors.

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