The importance of intensive focus

Sharp Focus

Here at Rose Media Group, we’ve always strived to be the best of the best, and we can only achieve that if we can provide total, er, erm, concentration on the task in hand. B2B public relations can be a taxing business, especially when the pressure is on, but as long as we can maintain our focus we can stay at the top. We should never lose sight of the fact, however, that focus is a requirement in just about every sector of industry.

Picture yourself, for example, being an engraver who has trouble concentrating on the tasks in hand. Imagine being asked to inscribe the winner’s name on a snooker trophy. The organiser told you over the phone that the winner was called Brian Sturgeon, but when Brian takes a look at this shiny new addition to his mantelpiece he finds that his name is spelt Brain Surgeon instead. If you’re not able to maintain a strong focus at work, it could easily happen.

This is one of the reasons why I chose a career as a copywriter rather than an engraver. If I make a mistake writing an article, I can easily rectify it. Something more permanent, such as the 2022 Burgess Hill Snooker Championship Trophy might be a bit more embarrassing. Thankfully for me, I never make misstakes, misteaks or errors of any kind. On a serious note, though, focus is one of the keys to running a successful business.

Multi-tasking can sometimes mean multi-failing

In some of the busiest working environments, it can be difficult to keep on top of everything that needs to be done. If you’re making phone calls, updating whiteboards, replying to emails, adding data to spreadsheets and sipping a coffee that’s getting colder by the minute, you’ll know how stressful it can be. In a situation like this, you have two options:

Option A: Prioritise your tasks, do them in order of importance and finish that coffee before it becomes a cold drink

Option B: Become an octopus and carry on as you’ve been doing

Now, unless your name is Ollie the Octopus, only Option A will be applicable to your current predicament. Rose Media Group, proud suppliers of the type of B2B PR West Sussex can trust, have a very firm take on multi-tasking: it’s fine if it works, but if it impinges on efficiency it’s a non-starter. Put simply, if the task you’re currently doing needs complete focus, you won’t be encouraged to do anything else until it’s completed.

There are times in Rosy Towers when the general hubbub of the office is buzzing with creativity; conversations are pinging around the office, opinions are being swapped, issues are being debated and successes are being shouted from the rooftops. There are other times when everything is quiet, save for the tap-tap-tap of computer keyboards. Everyone’s silent and concentration levels are at their highest. It doesn’t mean we’ve all had a big argument, it just means we’re all focusing on our work. That’s how it is sometimes, and that’s how we like it.

To prove my point, I just asked everyone in the office if concentration was important. Nobody, not a single soul, not even our founder Aneela Rose, answered. That’s how focused everyone is at the moment. Or maybe we HAVE had a big argument and I didn’t even know about it. How could you not know, I hear you ask. Because I was concentrating so hard on doing my job, that’s how. Thank you for listening, everyone, especially Brian Sturgeon, snooker player extraordinaire. We feel your pain, Brian, we really do.

David Showell

David Showell

David Showell is Chief Copywriter for Rose Media Group, creating content for clients across a range of industry sectors.

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