Five qualities you need to succeed in PR

Number Five

Here at Rose Media Group, we specialise in the type of B2B PR West Sussex business owners can rely on, but we have known for a long time that there isn’t a hard and fast, set-in-concrete way to become a success. There are many different aspects of public relations, some of which you might be good at and some which you struggle with, but there are some aspects of your personality that will help you achieve great things in PR. Here are five qualities that could make you stand out from the rest. 

One) Personality 

If you’re an outgoing individual who enjoys interacting with others on a daily basis, this could be the industry for you. If you’re a somewhat miserable curmudgeon who avoids even nodding hello at another person, you might be better off as a lighthouse-keeper. Engaging with the outside world, chatting on the phone, meeting clients for lunch and posting it all on social media can be key in this industry, so make sure you have your happy face on. 

Two) Honesty 

To the uninitiated, the world of public relations might seem one of the last places in which honesty is vital, but those in the know are all too aware of the importance of telling the truth. Of course, sometimes it can pay to spin that truth a little in order to create a buzz about a product or service, but honesty has to be the kernel of the story. Telling fibs, even little ones, will catch up with you in the end. 

Three) Imagination 

One of the most important benefits of a successful PR campaign is the ability of your chosen agency to envisage how the process will pan out. Accurate planning is essential right from the start, of course, and if those in charge are able to foresee how everything will take shape, including potential ‘bumps in the road’, then so much the better. 

Four) Creativity 

This is a quality that can definitely get you noticed in the wonderful world of PR. The more you’re able to think about ways to increase brand awareness, for example, the more your clients will think of you. Creativity comes in many forms, of course, and it can help to cement stunning campaigns, or to design unforgettable straplines, or to produce engaging web content, or any number of things. If you’re a creative type, there is sure to be a Sussex PR agency ready and waiting to talk to you. 

Five) Flexibility 

In this instance, flexibility doesn’t refer to you being willing to work on a Friday instead of a Thursday next week. It’s more to do with the ability to – as the boxers say – roll with the punches. Your clients will change their minds at times about something, often with a moment’s notice, and you’ll be expected to adapt accordingly. Yesterday’s great idea could be a rolled-up piece of paper that’s thrown in the waste bin this very morning. And in order to be able to change quickly, you also need to be thick-skinned about your personal feelings in this manner. If your ideas weren’t quite right, move on and come up with more of them. That’s how we roll in this industry. 

 Rose Media Group was founded by Aneela Rose in 2004. We pride ourselves on providing the best public relations Sussex can offer. To find out more, call the team today on 01444 241 341. We hope you’ll make that call soon. 

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Aneela Rose

Aneela Rose

Aneela Rose is Head of PR at Rose Media Group overseeing all research and media related activity across B2B and B2C.

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