So, what can PR do for a small business?

Typical Coffee Shop

For many people, PR is something they associate with large corporations. For every media story about a conglomerate raising large sums of money for a charity, outflanking a rival to win a major contract or managing to attract a highly-ranked CEO to its boardroom, there’s a fair chance that a slick public relations strategy lies somewhere behind it. You might not know who the PR gurus (we love that phrase) are, but you’ll probably be aware of their presence. 

It’s worth pointing out, however, that public relations can be just as helpful, just as beneficial and just as rewarding for a small business as it would be for a large one. Here in the wonderful world of PR, strategies used to improve the lot of Giant World Global Hyper Bank PLC can also work, on a smaller scale, of course, for that nice little coffee shop down the road that sells those little cupcakes that you used to eat in the summer holidays. 

In fact, if you’re the owner of the coffee shop – let’s call you Mister Barista Brewgood, just for the sake of convenience – you should be asking yourself why you haven’t looked into how either B2C or B2B PR can help to build your business. An enterprise like yours should be constantly looking to increase your contacts, enhance your sales and grow your customer base. And the faster you do it, the more successful you can become. Soon there could be Mister Barista Brewgood shops all over the country. 

PR works for all businesses, all industries, all the time 

Here at Rose Media Group, we work for clients of all shapes and sizes, and we can do the same for you because of four perfectly valid reasons. One: We like coffee. Two: We’re nice people. Three: We believe that every SME deserves a chance to expand. And Four: Our passion for PR covers many types of business and many types of industry sector. 

There are plenty of ways in which PR can help a business like this. They include: 

  • Making business stories more newsworthy 
  • Becoming more active on social media platforms 
  • Sending out regular messages to those who listen 
  • Building strong working relationships with journalists
  • Working closely with the local community 
  • Sponsoring charity events and initiatives 

…and so much more. Selling coffee, something you might have thought of as your number one priority, can and should sometimes be seen as just another aspect of everyday life for the business owner. Getting customers through the door is important, of course, but maintaining and enhancing that footfall should be the main focus. 

So, there you have it. That huge bank might need a press story to reach out to 100,000 people, but you don’t. If your coffee shop is represented at a local charity day in the park and you managed to make 150 people aware of your very existence, it could mean much more to you. To find out more about PR and what it could do for your business, why not contact the team today? 


Rose Media Group is a Sussex PR agency based in Burgess Hill. Founded by Aneela Rose in 2004, we work for a wide range of UK and international clients, covering a number of industry sectors. 


*Mr Barista Brewgood is a fictional character, and any similarity to a person living or dead is purely coincidental. No coffee beans were harmed in the production of this blog post. Rose Media Group is an equal opportunities employer. Giant World Global Hyper Bank PLC isn’t a real company, and we’re mighty glad about that. 

David Showell

David Showell

David Showell is Chief Copywriter for Rose Media Group, creating content for clients across a range of industry sectors.

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