What do clients look for from their PR agency?

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As a leading Sussex PR agency, we at Rose Media Group know that each of our clients has their own unique requirements. It’s a fact of life in this industry that no two clients are exactly the same, and rather than worry about this we choose to celebrate it instead. Not only does it help us to remain fresh and relevant in a constantly evolving sector, it also enables us to be prepared for any new challenges that happen to come our way. 

One of the most important qualities for any UK B2B PR agency to have is the ability to provide expertise in the client’s industry, even if they operate in a niche market. Knowing how to engage with the media is a good example to use. The principles of effective press coverage may seem the same for all sectors, but this simply isn’t the case. The way we get those all-important messages out to the outside world will differ from one client to the next. 

It probably goes without saying that every PR agency in Britain needs to offer a high degree of creativity to the client, and this creativity can take on many forms. And given the fact that every client wants their voice to be heard, agencies need to think outside the box more and more often. Attempting to find an audience above the tumult of hundreds of other companies trying to make themselves heard can be extremely difficult, and without creativity it’s practically impossible. 

Building a partnership with a PR agency that stand the test of time 

Now, it should be borne in mind that, although clients come and go on a regular basis in this industry, here at Rose Media we’re always looking to form genuine partnerships. In many cases, our role goes from service provider to partner over a short period of time, and will often lead to long-standing friendships that last for many years. Several agencies can claim to have been working with some clients for a decade or more, and we’re proud to say we’re one of them. 

One of the reasons why our services have stood the test of time is our insistence on honesty. We’re open and truthful with all our clients, purely because this, in our opinion, is the only way to conduct business. That honesty inevitably leads to increasing levels of trust, and that trust is crucial to the creation and development of a successful partnership. Some other PR agencies in the UK feel the same way, but not all of them. 

Last but not least is the need to have to be saying the right things at the right time. Anyone can throw 400 words on a page and call it a blog post, for example, but if there’s no structure on the page it will mean almost nothing. Here at RMG, we place a strong premium on thought leadership content, via blogs, press releases, magazine articles, whitepapers, industry speeches and more. The power of the written word and the messages it can convey are of paramount importance these days. We think so, and so do our clients. 


To find out more about Rose Media Group and our high-quality approach to innovative PR, email the team today at hello@rosemediagroup.co.uk or call 01444 241 341. We hope to hear from you very soon. 

David Showell

David Showell

David Showell is Chief Copywriter for Rose Media Group, creating content for clients across a range of industry sectors.

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