By at least trying and putting the effort in, you are already succeeding. If you don’t even try, then you are failing. I start every day with this thinking and I find it so powerful that it immediately makes me feel I can do anything I set my mind to, in and out of work.

I have learnt to push beyond the limit set by my mind, something that my powerlifting coaches have taught me. I’m not allowed to exude any negativity in training, phrases such as “I hope”, “I can’t do it… “, “I don’t think I can… “, are replaced with “I will”, “I can do it” and “let’s do this.

You can develop a growth mindset if you…

  • Learn to recognise what’s distracting you
  • Accept you have qualities and talent that can be nurtured through learning
  • Change how you see success and the impact of failure
  • Embrace imperfection
  • Celebrate growth with others
  • Reflect regularly
  • Train your brain to keep learning
  • Set a new goal for every goal reached
  • Take risks
  • Keep the big picture in mind

Growth mindset won’t work if you…

  • Fear failure and criticism
  • Continually seek approval
  • Do things the way you’ve always done it
  • Work in isolation
  • Place effort before talent
  • Don’t learn from yours or others mistakes
  • Don’t own your attitude

Success is different for each of us. For me in business, learning something new every day is success. Learning from my mistakes and reminding myself of the end game is also an inherent part of adopting a flexible, positive growth mindset.