Our bees are busy as ever in August


The phrase as busy as a bee isn’t there by accident, of course. Bees are by their very nature extremely busy little critters, always looking to pollinate everything in sight and ruin the occasional barbecue along the way. Actually, it’s their wasp cousins that do more of that, so let’s put all the blame on them instead. 

Here at Rose Media Group, we’ve been so happy and proud to have sponsored our very own hive this summer, and we’ve enjoyed following their progress throughout the warmer months. And now in August, we’re delighted to report that our buzzy buddies have been thriving. The progress of the hive, and the evolution of the bees themselves, have proved to be completely and utterly fascinating to us. Whoever thought we could have so much fun from something so simple? 

In the month of August, the queen will have stopped producing eggs on such an industrial scale as before and will be looking forward to a life that’s a little more restful. Drone bees will have been ejected from the hive as they are no longer required. This seems a bit harsh, doesn’t it? Presumably they will have packed their tattered little suitcases and trudged away from the hive, trying to thumb a lift on the A24 in the hope of finding a hostel for the night.  

In case of emergency, contact a drone 

Only a few male drones are allowed to stay by the female worker bees, in case of emergencies. What would constitute an emergency in a beehive is not easy to discern, however. Meanwhile, beekeepers all over the UK will start harvesting honey at this time of year. The bees themselves will continue to look for nectar, in order to begin the stockpiling process that will keep them happy and healthy through the winter months. 

Some species of bee will hibernate when the temperatures drop, others will migrate to warmer climes and some will actually be able to withstand the winter. With UK honeybees, hibernation is the usual option. The reason you don’t usually see them here between October and March is because they’re warmly ensconced under a thick blanket, sipping hot chocolate and binge-watching movies. Their favourites, I’m reliably informed, are Lord of the Stings, Along Came Pollen, Home Adrone, Planet of the Apiaries and, of course, Barbee. 

Back at the start of summer, we mentioned that we wouldn’t be using any bee-related puns at all. We failed. Sorry. 


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We hope to hear from you soon. 

David Showell

David Showell

David Showell is Chief Copywriter for Rose Media Group, creating content for clients across a range of industry sectors.

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