“Having started with a simple social media management contract over two years ago, Rose Media stepped up to every challenge we have thrown at them, always professional and always with a smile. Rose Media Group contributed considerably to the 27% annual growth we achieved last year. We have been very satisfied with the service and this year, we have entrusted them with the majority of our marketing budget.”
Katarina Hamilton



  |  Project: 

Brand awareness through digital marketing
Designer and builder of oak framed buildings all over the UK and abroad for over 30 years. Oakmasters specialise in the design, supply and installation of beautifully finished, tailor made, structural oakwork.

The Brief:

Increase brand awareness, build profitable relationships with customers and generate sales through a joined-up digital marketing approach.


  • Email marketing
  • Social media strategy & management
  • Facebook advertising
  • B2B and B2C blogging
  • SEO strategy
  • PPC
  • Case study production
  • Video content production


  • Brochure downloads from email campaign: 1688
  • 179% increase in website traffic from Facebook
  • 1,881% increase in Twitter goal conversions
  • Email marketing conversion rate of 33%
  • 27% increase in sales

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