“Working with RMG made a huge difference to how we positioned and publicised our work. They worked on developing our brand and integrating our communications and marketing which meant we could reach a larger audience than before. The legacy of this work continues to reap benefits as the brand goes from strength to strength.”
Simon Hughes
Head of Digital & Customer Service


Mid Sussex District Council

  |  Project: 

Event management, media relations and digital marketing
Mid Sussex is a local government district in West Sussex covering an area of 128 sq miles and serving over 139,000 residents with a wide range of services and information.

The Brief:

To provide strategic event support, branding, media relations, advertising and digital marketing to ensure the successful delivery of the launch of Mid Sussex District Council’s new business event, ‘Digital & You’.


  • Rebranding – new logo design
  • Event planning and management, pre, during and post event
  • Email marketing
  • Speaker management
  • Facebook advertising
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Goody bag production and management
  • Regional PR campaign
  • Social media management
  • Exhibitor outreach
  • Website development support
  • Copywriting services


  • Secured Sussex Business Times as event media partner
  • 16 pieces of media coverage with an overall approx. reach of 183,000
  • 65,365 social media impressions from Twitter
  • A record number of 200+ total attendees to the local event
  • Secured speakers from Pure360, Google and RocketMill

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