“Thank you for the support and hard work that your team have given us over the years which have certainly been a fundamental factor in growing the social media accounts to where they are today. The commitment your agency has given to us as a brand and the eagerness of your staff to help the business succeed have been nothing short of impressive, so many thanks once again.”
Michael Want
General Manager


London Graphic Centre

  |  Project: 

Community engagement through social media, digital marketing and events
The leading retailer for Graphic, Art and Design Materials, serving the UK’s design and arts communities since 1973.

The Brief:

Increase national awareness, build profitable relationships with key influencers and drive footfall to stores and website.


  • Key influencers and blogger outreach
  • Community engagement & social listening
  • Promotional messaging and online campaigns
  • Social media event support


  • 565% Increase in Instagram Engagements
  • Increased Social Traffic by 24%
  • 363% Increase in Facebook Engagements
  • 3.5 Million Facebook Impressions

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