Written by Ana Radhanauth

Lots of my friends said to me “why would you want to change from working with cool clients to boring ones?”  I replied saying it’s nothing to do with the clients it’s to do with the work. After this conversation I came up with four reasons to why I switched from B2C to B2B.

  1. B2B journalists are incredibly approachable compared to B2C. When contacting trade journalists I will get a response even if the article is not what the editor is looking for. Trade journalists receive fewer releases compared to B2C journalists, the reason for this is B2B topics are far more detailed, as some would say ‘It’s not quantity its quality’.
  2. B2B clients are NOT boring! When creating social posts for our ventilation and radiator client, Zehnder I enjoy having the freedom to be creative with what the company offer. My outlook on work is enjoying the responsibility and making the most from what we have to work with… and with Zehnder there is A LOT!
  3. When comparing products/services within both B2B and B2C, I have found the longevity and impact of B2B is incomparable to B2C, for example Zehnder MVHR solutions provide improved air quality within homes which can increase wellbeing and quality of living and the environment with our homes. Whereas consumer products like alcohol or services such as Afternoon teas can have less impact as they are usually shorter campaigns.
  4. You have to know your stuff when it comes to B2B. Being able to answer technical questions is impressive and that’s why I want to learn more about our B2B clients and become a specialist in a certain area. The topics cannot be blagged, so research if VITAL!