Join us over the next two weeks to celebrate everything we have achieved over the last 16 years! #RMGturns16

Did you know ventilation is as important as washing your hands, covering your face and making space?

@GOVUK released a short film showing how COVID19 lingers in enclosed spaces, and how to keep your home ventilated. #ventilation #covid #wellbeing

Is there a difference between being called a #supplier or a #partner?

It depends on how your clients perceive you...We’re not a supplier, we’re far more than that. We form a powerful, future facing partnership. When we work with people, we don’t work for them. We work with them.

Why do The Roses make such an impact?

Let's get straight to the point!

#pragency #pr #publicrelations #confidence #confidenceiskey

A central London postcode can carry a certain level of kudos for PR agencies. But does the location of a PR agency make a tangible difference to what they can help clients achieve?

Read of our recent blog to find out if a #PR #agencies #postcode matters?

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